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Coffee. Wine. Old books. Teapots and top hats. Playground swings and storied wings. Oh yes, and we play music, too.

Hazel Grey’s music is created through a myriad of instruments including acoustic (and sometimes electric) guitar, piano, synth, mandolin, accordion, tin-whistles, flute and percussion. The combination of their blended vocals, Pete's style of guitar playing, and Josanna's varied instrumentation gives Hazel Grey a unique voice with which to convey their original songs; each being crafted to tell stories and to evoke images and memories in the hearts and minds of the listener.

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Peter Justine: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, percussion
Josanna Justine:
vocals, piano, synth, tinwhistles, accordion, flute, harp, mandolin, percussion

Contact: hazelgreymusic@yahoo.ca
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